Saturday, 13 April 2024, 5 p.m.

An Evening with Chopin

"Il faut chanter avec les doigts!"

Martin Nöbauer playing on an 1836 Pleyel grand piano

“Il faut chanter avec les doigts!” is a statement by Chopin, which could be translated as “you must sing with your fingers”. Chopin’s music comes alive when you play as if singing. Austrian pianist and finalist in last year’s Chopin Competition for historical keyboard instruments has really internalized this sensitive approach and enchants with the beauty of his Chopin performances. Chopin loved the grand pianos made by Pleyel. The Schloss Weißenbrunn Foundation in its collection boasts an instrument built by this Paris company in 1836. Chopin described Pleyel grand pianos as the “non plus ultra”. So this evening with Chopin, Nöbauer and Pleyel promises to be a very special experience. And since the evening will then continue with French food and drink, we ae sure that Chopin would have enjoyed it, too.


Fine food and drink after the concert
French savoir-vivre in Weißenbrunn, also in your glasses and on your plates. Bon appétit!

Chopin was famous for the light touch of his piano playing, and we want to celebrate this lightness with culinary delights as well. An asparagus salad, a Provençal stew and, as a vegan alternative, a vegetable curry, and a sweet finish. Chopin and spring – definitely reasons to  celebrate. Accompanied by fine French wines and non-alcoholic alternatives.


Concert: 35 Euro, 10 Euro (red.)
Buffet: 35 Euro