24. December

The Rödberg Trio in Concert

The following link will take you to a very special Christmas present to be found on the video platform Vimeo where we have published a concert film: the Finnish Rödberg Trio playing music by Niels Gade as well as by Robert and Clara Schumann. You can watch this film for free until 6 January. After that date there will be a charge for viewing it. ⭐ https://vimeo.com/schlossweissenbrunn/roedberg ⭐The Rödberg Trio want to donate any takings from the sale of concert film tickets on Vimeo to a children's music project the Schloss Weißenbrunn Foundation is currently developing for schools in the region around the castle. Feel free to donate as well. We gladly welcome any contribution. (If you are feeling generous, here's the acount number Kontonummer.

23. December

Carl Friedrich Zelter | Wandrers Nachtlied – Wanderer's Nightsong

»Sweet peace descending, come, ah, come into my breast!« A line from Goethe's wonderful poem  »Thou who from the heavens art«, perfect for the day before Christmas Eve.  T

22. December

Felix Mendelssohn | Trio Op. 49 in d minor

This recording with the Trio Radiant presents the first movement from Felix Mendelssohn's piano trio which Robert Schumann called "master trio of our time". When listening to this music you will not be surprised that this work became so very famous. A delight!

21. December

Joseph Haydn | Arianna a Naxos

In »Arianna a Naxos«, Haydn set to music one of the most popular topics of Greek mythology. After their joint victory over the Minotaur, Ariadne out of love follows Theseus to the island of Naxos. In the beginning, Haydn describes how she awakens and longs for Theseus whom she believes to be out hunting. But when she climbs one of the rocks on the island, she sees that Theseus is on board a ship leaving her. Haydn impressively translates into music Ariadne's lament and anger over Theseus's unfaithfulness. A musical drama in a class of its own!

20. December

Ludwig van Beethoven | Kennst Du das Land, wo die Zitronen blühen – Do you know the land where lemons blossom

Beethoven and Goethe - always a dream team: »Do you know the land where lemons blossom, where oranges among dark foliage golden glow«. Exciting to hear it accompanied on a grandpiano from Beethoven's time. 

19. December

Clara Schumann, Romanze Allegretto

»You can really look forward to what is going to follow!« Thus Clara Schumann announced her latest work to young violinist, Joseph Joachim. And we can only agree with that: played on an arpeggione, this Romance sounds magnificent.  

18. December

Fanny Hensel | Schwanenlied – Swan Song

»A star falling down from its glittering heights; love's star is what I see falling there.«  A poetic text by Heinrich Heine, wonderful music by Fanny Hensel, movingly sung and played by Kateryna Kasper and Dmitry Ablogin. You can never listen to this often enough ....

17. December

Hildegard von Bingen | O virdissima virga

A Marian song by Hildegard von Bingen, poetic and rich in imagery: »... For in you did blossom a sweet flower which lent its scent to all the spice plants which had dried out ...« in a lyrical instrumental arrangement for flute and harp.

16. December

Joseph Haydn | Das Leben ist ein Traum – Life is but a Dream

»And what is it, what is this life? Life is but a dream!« Today's motto, wonderfully set to music by  Joseph Haydn and fantastically sung by Daniel Johannsen. Truly a dream!

15. December

Bernhard Romberg | From the Grande Sonate for pianoforte and violoncello in E flat major, Op. 6/1

Bernhard Romberg was a cellist and composer celebrated all over Europe in the late 18th and early 19th century. He played in a string quartet with Beethoven who thought highly of Romberg's music. And he was not alone. We also think that this is wonderful music. On top of all that, there is the matching Viennese grand piano of 1827. You might need time for two cups of tea for this.

14. December

Ludwig van Beethoven | Der Kuss – The Kiss

It might come as a surprise that Beethoven also set humorous texts to music. But voilà, a particularly beautiful example a proof. Have a particularly humorous day! :-)

13. December

Fanny Hensel | Nachtwanderer op. 7, Nr. 1 – Wanderer at Night

»My singing is a cry, nothing but a cry from my dreams.« How wonderful Kateryna Kasper interprets this  Eichendorff poem. And Fanny Hensel is definitely a discovery as a Lieder composer.

12. December

John Stanley, Solo for a German Flute, Op. 4 Nr. 2

Live from our Music Salon: a taster from the concert of 1 October 2023, On Her Majesty‘s Service, with music loved by Queen Charlotte. Andreas Gilger plays our spinet built around 1768, which was just back from being restored in the workshop of Matthias Griewisch and that day featured in a public concert in our salon for the first time.

11. December

A Film about Beethoven's World of Sound

Six pianists playing Beethoven’s Six Bagatelles on historical pianos. A film about the passion for performing Beethoven’s music on instruments from his time.

10. December

Santiago de Murcia | La Azuzena por la E

Our choice for today is a Spanish work. Santiago de Murcia was a guitarist and Baroque composer from Madrid. Juan José Francione's arrangement  for guitar and harp adds wonderful colour to this composition.

9. December

Fanny Hensel | Dämmrung senkte sich von oben – Dusk descended from high above

A wonderful poem by Goethe for today: »Dusk descended from on high, what was near is distant now; Lifted up first with its lovely light evening star so bright!« set to music by Fanny Hensel, and congenially interpreted by two exceptional musicians, Kateryna Kasper and Dmitry Ablogin.

8. December

Franz Schubert | Sonata for arpeggione and pianoforte

The arpeggione, also called guitar violoncello, invented in Vienna in 1823, is a rarity among musical instruments. Schubert was so fascinated by it that he wrote one of his most beautiful sonatas for this instrument. Martin Jantzen plays this sonata on the rare instrument, congenially accompanied by Flora Fabri who is playing a Brodmann grandpiano built in the same era, from the instrument collection of Schloss Weißenbrunn Foundation.

7. December

Variations on »Bei Männern, welche Liebe fühlen« I »Men who feel the call of love«

Two excellent musicians demonstrate their improvisation skills. With a little twinkle in their eyes. For this is a delicate topic. Pamina: Men who feel the call of love, they  do not lack a gentle heart. Papageno: To share this sweet longing then is all women's first duty :-)  

6. December

Robert Schumann | Dichterliebe – A Poet's Love

Today, Saint Nicolas brings a very special film. Take a little time, light a candle and make yourself a cup of tea or two.

5. December

Ludwig van Beethoven | Adelaide

In river water's reflections, in Alpine mountain snow, in golden clouds of sinking day, in heavenly fields of stars beams forth thy face, Adelaide!

4. December

Sephardic traditional | Por la tu puerta yo pasí

What's hidden behind today's little door: mysterious Sephardic music, passed down orally in the Ibero-Jewish culture, in an arrangement by Duo L'Oro.

3. December

Robert Schumann | Fantasiestücke op. 88, Humoreske

We celebrate the third day in Advent with imaginative and humorous sounds.

2. December

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart | Die Alte / The Old Crone

Mozart's sense of humour brilliantly staged by Johanna Falkinger, who, by the way,  is a very funny and likeable woman in real life as well.

1. December

Santiago de Murcia | Fandango

A rare and really wonderful combination: harp and guitar. With Carlotta Pupulin, Spanish Baroque harp & Juan José Francione, Baroque guitar.