Duo Minoriten

Minori Deguchi, violine · Asako Ueda, theorbo and guitar

Project description

Ornamentation found in the works of Nicola Matteis

We are already excited to share our proposal, which will focus on the exquisite ornamentation found in the works of Nicola Matteis. As a violin and theorbo/guitar duo, we hold Matteis in high regard due to his dual mastery as both a renowned violinist and a magnificent guitarist.

Our exploration of Matteis’s artistry will be twofold. Firstly, we’ll delve into his unique fusion of styles, reflecting his Italian roots and the influence of the English Divisional tradition during his time in England. Specifically, we will closely examine his compositions, with a special emphasis on his four collections of ›Ayres for the Violin‹, a perfect fit for our ensemble.

Secondly, we will explore Matteis’s use of ›grace‹. Drawing from a wealth of historical treatises such as John Playford’s »A Breefe Introduction« (1654), Christopher Simpson’s »Division-Violist« (1659), The Burwell Lute Tutor (c 1660–72), Matthew Locke’s »Melothesia, or Certain General Rules for Playing upon a Continued-Bass« (1673), Thomas Mace’s »Musick’s Monument« (1671–76), Pietro Reggio’s »The Art of Singing« (1677), Nicola Matteis’s »Le false consonanse della musica« (c 1680; Eng. trans., 1682) and Henry Purcell’s »The Choice Collection of Lessons« (1696), we’ll gain valuable insights into Matteis’s ornamentation techniques. Our journey begins with an in-depth study of these treatises, followed by the practical application to Matteis’s music.

After this thorough investigation into his compositions, we aspire to craft a concert experience that encapsulates the fruits of our labor. Our performance will encompass a delightful selection of Italian and English music, serving as an introduction to these two distinct styles. The second half of the program will feature Matteis’s masterpieces, wherein we will try to add/improvise ornaments/graces in the style of the composer.