Duo Fábri & Jantzen

Flóra Fábri, fortepiano · Martin Jantzen, arpeggione

Flóra Fábri and Martin Jantzen applied for the scholarship with the unusual combination of fortepiano und arpeggione. With their programme, they would like to explore which music is most closely related to the character of the arpeggione, and they want to highlight new facets through the transformation of arrangements. They will combine the music of Clara and Robert Schumann, marked by Romantic depth, with that of Johann Sebastian Bach.

The arpeggione is particularly suited to emotional and rather fragile works – not without reason, contemporaries called it the “sentimental guitar” or “violoncelle d’amour”. Interestingly enough, the instrument’s similarity to the viola da gamba was also remembered. This was already was remarked upon in the first newspaper articles reporting about the instrument after its “birth”.
The two musicians want to build a bridge between these two fairly distant eras. They intend to build on this experiment and create further programmes of this kind.

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