Saturday, 12 October 2024, 5 p.m.

Virtuoso Baroque Music for Trombone and Harpsichord

Duo ›Con Dispositione e Gratia‹

Henry Van Engen, trombone · Rafaela Salgado, harpsichord and organ

In the introduction to his impressive treatise on ornamentation, the »Regole, passaggi di musica« of 1594, Giovanni Battista Bovicelli formulated rules for Early Baroque ornamentation techniques. One of the most-quoted statements was that, if you have a good »dispositione«, you will be able to perform even complex and difficult »passagi«. Passagi or passages are those virtuoso ornamentations which in the early 17th century were a challenge, but certainly also a kind of competition for musicians and singers which gave a very special quality to each performance. In this concert, the musicians’ mastery and good disposition will be demonstrated with an unusual combination of instruments: trombone and harpsichord.  A real discovery! In addition, young Spanish harpsichordist, Rafaela Salgado, will play on various original instruments from the collection of Schloss Weißenbrunn Foundation, including the 16th century virignal and a 1699 harpsichord. A feast for the ears and eyes.



Fine food and drink after the concert
We will also celebrate the ornamentation topic in culinary terms. With exciting results.

Meanwhile the get-together after the concert has become a cherished tradition at Schloss Weißenbrunn. It is always lovely to have a bite to eat and a drink and to chat about what you have listened to … and about all manner of things.


Concert: 35 Euro, 25 Euro (red.)
Buffet: 35 Euro