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Friday, 23 June 2023, from 6 p.m.

White Nights in Weißenbrunn

A summer evening with music and fine food in the Baroque garden

Music: Schubert’s »Schöne Müllerin« song cycle with Daniel Johannsen, tenor & Alinde Quartett

Friday, 23 June 2023  White Nights in Weißenbrunn
6 p.m. Summer food & cooled drinks in the Baroque garden
8:30 p.m. Concert »Die schöne Müllerin« song cycle by Franz Schubert
Afterwards: the Castle Bar will be open

Concert tickets at 35 Euroa, reduced 25 Euros only in advance sale (see advance sale locations at the top of the concert page or book online using the ticket button) No evening box office. In rainy weather, the events will be held in the barns.

We are looking forward to a wonderful party on one of the year’s longest days.  It would be nice, if all visitors came dressed in white. Join our celebration!

Die schöne Müllerin

During the White Nights in Weißenbrunn we also celebrate the 200th anniversary of Schubert’s  »Schöne Müllerin«, a wonderful song cycle about an unhappy love which still touches our hearts  today.

»Das Wandern ist des Müllers Lust« – this is the beginning of the cylce, and the young miller’s apprentice has only one thought: »The beloved miller’s daughter is mine!« But he doesn’t tell that to her, but to his loyal companion, the brook which in the end will engulf him. The miller’s daughter knows nothing about all this love, devotion and despair. She chooses the hunter. And we are witnesses to the young miller’s stormy feelings, both overjoyed and in deepest dispair.

The work was composed for voice and piano in 1823, when Franz Schubert was just 26 years old and already terminally ill. For the work’s 200th anniversary,  the Alinde Quartett and Daniel Johannsen have commissioned composer Tom Randle to prepare a version for string quartet and voice, which they have performed for a first recording on CD.

»Schubert, as played by the Alinde Quartett, comes across as exceptionally natural and authentic – as if there was really no other way of playing this music. If you want to perform at this exceptional level of interpretation, to present such an exciting and fascinating reading of the musical text, you need to study the musical material very intensively and for a long time. … Franz Schubert and his music are a matter close the the hearts of the Alinde Quartett. You can feel that in every note, every phrase played. The four musicians engage in their work with enthusiasm and great passion.« (pizzicato 12/22)

The Alinde Quartett is considered one of the most exciting chamber music ensembles of its generation. Numerous awards at international competitions, and invitations to the most prestigious concert halls in Germany are a testimony to the high quality of these four instrumentalists. The name Alinde Quartett is derived from the Schubert lied of the same title which tells of a passionate and untiring search.

In 2020, the ensemble started recording all of Schubert’s string quartets as well as commissioned works inspired by the lied »Alinde«.

In singer Daniel Johannsen the quartet has found a kindred spirit. The reknowned tenor has sung this work over 100 times in many major concert halls around the world, and now will perform it for the first time in this version with string quartet.

Daniel Johannsen

Alinde Quartett

Concert: 35 Euro, 25 Euro (red.)