Saturday, 9 November 2024, 5 p.m.

Les Harlequins

French Baroque Music

Gabriel Belkheiri, tenor · Jérémy Nastasi, guitar and theorbo

»Airs de Cour«, songs accompanied by lute, were extremely popular in 17th century France. It was particulary during the reign of Louis XIII that these songs were often performed at court to entertain company. The concert programme »Les Harlequins« will present characters from the Commedia dell’arte such as the melancholic, the dreamer, the lover or the happy man. The songs themselves deal with a range of affects of amorous passion with a definite preference for naturalistic allusions, offering a wide musical field for lavish vocal and instrumental ornamentation. French court life at Schloss Weißenbrunn. Voilà!




Fine food and drink after the concert
French savoir vivre at Schloss Weißenbrunn, also in your glasses and on your plates. Bon appétit!

Meanwhile the get-together after the concert has become a cherished tradition at Schloss Weißenbrunn. It is always lovely to have a bite to eat and a drink and to chat about what you have listened to … and about all manner of things.


Concert: 35 Euro, 25 Euro (red.)
Buffet: 35 Euro