Lied Duo HiP Wien

Johanna Rosa Falkinger, soprano · Aleksandra Kamenskaja, fortepiano

Music from Vienna from around 1800 is showcased in this unusual concert which moves between two worlds: parlour and pub. There is the old woman grumbling that everything used to be better in the olden days (in an amusing and mischievous setting by Mozart), there is Beethoven’s idiosyncratic version of the folk song »Alle Vögel sind schon da« (All the Birds Are Already Here), and there are gentle, melancholy sounds in Haydn’s »Das Leben ist ein Traum« (Life is but a dream). Just like life itself, with is many facets, and continually surprising. Presented in a lively performance by two young musicians from Vienna, with poetic images from the castle and the park. Enjoy!

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