Cordis Consort

Carlotta Pupulin, Spanish Baroque harp & Juan José Francione, Baroque guitar

The exciting combination of harp and guitar, played by two exceptional young artists, this promises to be an unusual film experience.

A Journey from Toledo to Madrid, that is the title they gave to their concert film. The programme’s focus is on two Baroque composers: one of them – Santiago de Murcia – was a guitarist and lived in Madrid, the other – Diego Fernandez de Huete – was harpist at Toledo Cathedral. His main work, “Compendio numeroso de zifras armónicas” provided the title for this concert.

Cordis Consort
The Cordis Consort ensemble was born from the idea of Juan Josè Francione and Carlotta Pupulin to revolve around plucked instruments, concentrating the work of studying the repertoire on original material for harps, guitars and lutes. The use of original material written for solo instruments has led to intensive arrangement work, so that what was originally written for one instrument could be played on two or more instruments. The arrangements are influenced not only by the knowledge of early music and basso continuo but also by the Latin American folk repertoire, which in turn is strongly influenced by Spanish culture and sounds.

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