presumably late 16th century, attributed to Francesco Poggio

Keyboard C-f3 (C, D, E, F, G, A-f3 as short octave)

The unsigned virginal (false-inner-outer) is set in black and painted with fine chinoiseries in the form of birds and vines.

The virginal was restored by William Jurgensson in Lauffen am Neckar in 1988 and it was revised by Matthias Griewisch in 2023 .

According to Matthias Griewisch, the range and the build would point towards an instrument built in the late 16th century by Francesco Poggio.

The keyboard (C-f3 [C, D, E, F, G, A-f3 as short octave]) has a 3-octave span of 48.1 cm.
The c2-scale is 335mm, the f2-scale is 237mm.

Dimensions of the instrument:
Length: 1512mm
Width: 420/520mm
Total height: 895mm
Body height: 220mm