The first Artist-in-Residence Programme offered by the Schloss Weißenbrunn Foundation will be the 2020 Programme for Lied Duo. There are several Artist-in Residence scholarships available, each for one duo, and there is no age restriction for applicants.
The programme is intended to promote artists who breathe life into historical performance practices with innovative programme design, high musicality and playing technique.

Lied Duo with the Original Fortepiano by Melchior Guante
In 2020, the focus of the Artist-in-Residence Programme will be the original fortepiano by Melchior Guante of ca 1790 which can be found in the Music Salon of Schloss Weißenbrunn (Guante: 5 1/2 octaves F-c4, tuning pitch ca 432 Hz, Viennese action with Stein-type wooden Kapseln, no checks, two knee levers (dampers and moderator), two strings per key). The instrument will be available to the artists both for rehearsing and for recordings.

Concert Film by Yoel & Elisabeth Culiner
The Artist-in-Residence Programme also comprises a concert recording (ca 40 minutes) financed by the Foundation and created by the film makers Yoel & Elisabeth Culiner ( The artists may use this recording for their own purposes. It will also be available temporarily on the platform, and 50 per cent of the ticket income from this platform will go to the artists. The recording rights remain with the Schloss Weißenbrunn Foundation.

Stay in the Castle’s Guesthouse
The length of the stay at the Schloss Weißenbrunn Foundation can be flexible, with a maximum overall stay of 2 weeks. The artists can stay in the Schloss Weißenbrunn guesthouse. There are one or two apartments available, as required. Self-catering is possible, using the guesthouse kitchen. For the duration of the stay, two bicycles can be provided.

How to Apply
The deadline for application for scholarships is 10 July, 2020. Possible residence periods are between 18 August and the end of October 2020.
The stay is only possible, if regulations necessitated by Covid-19 permit this, and if hygiene regulations are complied with.
Application by email to, including a project or programme description, desired length of residence, and dates of possible residence periods, as well as sound or video recordings (please send large files via dropbox or wetransfer), plus CVs including photographs.

Jury: Els Biesmans, Pia Praetorius

The final decisions taken by the Foundation management concerning the allocation of the scholarships are incontestable. There is no legal recourse.

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